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Unlocking barriers to deliver exceptional CX

Change readiness
Strategic validation

Organisations know they need to deliver exceptional Customer Experience but often struggle with knowing how, and our client was no exception.

Ikabo Incubator was able to identify and unlock the barriers to improving their CX by identifying key insights around the effectiveness of their people, which had not been fully appreciated before. This shifted our client’s focus to building on internal capability and digital enablement. Once this was identified and understood, they could act with confidence and move quickly into implementing these programs.

The learning: we are often only aware of the problems close to us. Ikabo Incubator puts a spotlight into your business to unearth deep insights and diverse solutions to a problem, quickly.


The challenge

The client had experienced fast growth and become a multi-site, multi-regional organisation. However organisational structures, processes and systems had been unable to keep up, leaving an over-stretched, operationally-focussed leadership team.

Customer survey results yielded inconsistent results across offices, with good (but not excellent) scores. Regional managers expressed concerns that customer expectations were rising faster than the standard their teams could deliver to.

The client had a strong culture and employee surveys confirmed it had a highly engaged workforce. However, staff expectations remained high, and the majority of its people were Millennials, driven by purpose and making an impact.

The CEO had some ideas about how best to re-organise and re-prioritise internally, but wanted to validate his strategic thinking, engage all staff across dispersed locations, and uncover any underlying barriers to success. Ideally, he also wanted to identify some new ideas about how to deliver exceptional CX.


The approach

The client wanted a program that would engage employees from all departments to collectively find means to provide better service to customers in more cost-effective and efficient ways. They wanted to leverage digital technology in a democratic way across the globe, harness their talented people, and focus them quickly on solving this strategic imperative.

In short, they wanted to generate game-changing ideas to drive a better Customer Experience.

The CEO and other senior executives partnered with Ikabo to provide a platform for employees to share and collaborate on ideas. We worked together for the following 10 weeks to take this challenge through the four stages of the Incubator process.


The result

It certainly caused a lot of conversation, people were goading each other to vote for their favourite. We really enjoyed the process.

Employee engagement in the project started at 33% in the first stage, but quickly rose to 55% in the second stage and 86% in the third stage, because people started to trust that action would eventuate. The process and thinking are all locked into the Incubator product to ensure success for this reason.

This project delivered 14 fully-developed concepts with high levels of engagement and conversation around each. The top-performing ideas transformed into two new enablement programs, which created new best-practice guidelines, increased staff skills and capabilities, and developed a new digital platform.

The primary takeaway from this case is that ideas to drive and enhance CX could not be a focus for the client until these programs were underway, because staff were working with too many inefficiencies on too many fronts. Importantly, the process also prepared the organisation for future customer-centric initiatives that would follow in the next year.


Some statistics





increase in engagement  throughout the project

of users understand what's important to the business

believe the ideas will go on to improve customer experience

of users agree that the process gave them a voice