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Driving change through innovation and engagement

Cultural change

It’s becoming less and less common for organisations to run staff surveys or small-scale brainstorming sessions to engage and generate ideas. Instead, they want to engage their staff at a wider scale.

All employees want to be heard, and organisations know they need diverse thinking to generate ground-breaking ideas that everyone will support. Ikabo Incubator was able to inspire a bunch of die-hard analytical thinkers into dreaming up new ways to bring their corporate positioning to life, resulting in a company-wide change programme.

The learning: With courageous leaders that are willing to take a risk, engagement and ideas that were previously never thought possible can be realised. Ikabo Incubator encourages people to come forward, put their differences aside and give their best ideas, reigniting their belief in what is possible when people work together.


The challenge


Our client was a traditional, culturally conservative, risk-averse, hierarchical institution that operated in silos. It had recently launched a new company-wide brand positioning, which was in the early phases of being rolled out internally and externally. It was imperative that the most senior stakeholders (approximately 150 people from across their organisation) engage and connect with this new brand position, finding a meaningful purpose that would realise its potential with customers.  

This highly analytical audience was cynical towards the rebrand, meaning that they needed a major communication initiative and a significant amount of inspiration and influence to engage them. Most importantly, the client needed to yield ideas that could drive a cultural shift towards a customer-centric approach that would underpin everything they do.


The approach


Ikabo Incubator was selected as their digital ideation and engagement platform of choice. It was launched and run live at a segment during an annual senior leaders’ conference. Our platform was chosen because it could be set up within days and was customisable, allowing it to appear as a seamless extension of the brand’s look and feel. Ikabo accelerated the training workshops to get the Marketing and Communications team that was going to manage the project up and running within days. Our automatic live-reporting interfaces engaged the audience at the event to track the number of ideas being captured dynamically throughout the day.

Conference participants received login instructions on the morning of the event, and throughout the day they were able to log in to a simple interface on whichever type of device they carried to capture their ideas. Throughout the event, speakers shared their insights and stories, which acted as inspiration and stimulation for the audience.

It's important to note that there is some risk involved with this type of event, and it was very important that the organisation’s leader lead this initiative at the event. It was very clear to the audience that the platform had the highest-level endorsement and support.


The result

I thought the system would drive engagement and get me a few marketing hacks/shortcuts. Instead Ikabo has delivered me a company-wide change agenda for consideration.

This project delivered 34 fully developed concepts across six clusters. Two clusters were already in the works as core change projects, so those ideas were shared with the project team for consideration. The senior leader had the budget and resources for four concepts to move to the discussion phase of the process.  

The key insight was that a somewhat cynical audience can be re-inspired to create and support a series of new ideas that will take their organisation forward, provided that they have the right leadership, programme launch and communication to enable ideation. This process ultimately supported its transformation towards a more customer-centric organisation.