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Ikabo in higher education


How can crowdsourcing support higher education institutions to rise above the competition and deliver unique, and relevant educational experiences?

Higher Education occupies an important place in our culture, providing expertise, driving innovation and economic growth.

Some of the key challenges facing higher education institutions today involve competition from online sources; attracting high-potential local and international students, and keeping them in the system; leveraging the latest in digital technology and media to satisfy the expectations of a digitally-focused generation; and enhancing collaboration across other research and education institutions and industry. Staying unique and relevant to students requires a renewed focus on the student experience beyond just the selection and orientation phases.

Higher education institutions are traditionally hierarchical in their operation, which can lead to people and knowledge being ‘siloed’ from one another. To drive effective innovation, cross-departmental collaboration focused upon strategic issues or opportunities is vital. As is collaboration and alignment of thinking between key educational and external commercial stakeholders.

For example, there is higher demand from top organisations for graduates with skills relevant to the future of work. Collaboration between educational institutions and industry can assist in bridging these skills gaps, to increase the value and reputation of your programs.

Ikabo Incubator, along with a tailored learning program, is used to assist Higher Educational institutions to gain insights and ideas that will solve some of these common challenges:

  • Engaging academic and administrative staff to prepare for the disruptive changes that are ahead

  • Embracing more agile and collaborative ways of working

  • Scaling up the capability of project teams by unifying efforts across diverse locations

  • Supporting an innovation mindset within organisational culture

  • A deeper understanding of how to create, optimise, and promote unique and inspiring student experiences across the lifespan of their program and into their career

  • How to collaborate widely to create opportunities and successful outcomes for prospective or newly enrolling students

  • Collaborating with industry partners to ensure students have the right knowledge and skills for the jobs of the future

Institutions we've worked with: