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Ikabo in government agencies


How can crowdsourcing support governments to become leaders and enablers of innovation and to partner with the private and community sectors to address the major challenges we face?

Government departments and agencies work hard, under often challenging conditions to deliver important and diverse services for the public.

Governments have strong hierarchical structures, which results in people and their knowledge being separated (‘siloed’) from each other, multiple teams can be unaware they are working on the same problem.  

Overcoming communication barriers across public, private and non-government sectors who each have valuable insights on services needed and how they should be delivered, and to become more citizen-centric can be difficult, but the benefits to reduce costs and increase public satisfaction are valuable.


So if these are the challenges in government, how might crowdsourcing help?

Pure technology-based solutions to crowdsourcing in government are unlikely to be effective. The greatest impact will be achieved when it is combined with a learning program that fosters an innovation mindset directed at a strategic issue or opportunity. Ikabo combines both aspects into a holistic, tailored solution to evolve organisational problem-solving capability.

Ikabo Incubator can be used to assist government to gain insights, develop ideas and have the opportunity to collaborate on common challenges that people would NOT ordinarily be able to come together to solve.

Government examples include:

  • Breaking through communication barriers and ‘silos’ in the structure
  • Accessing untapped knowledge and experience within the Public Service

  • Identifying requirements to transform digital services and systems

  • Collaborating across different departments and levels of government, private and NGOs to deliver citizen-centric services

  • Scaling up the capability of project teams by unifying efforts across diverse locations

  • Supporting the formation of an innovation mindset within organisational culture

  • Finding opportunities to increase productivity and efficiency, and reduce costs in service delivery

Departments we've worked with: