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Ikabo in business and enterprise


How can crowdsourcing support the private sector to build their capacity to innovate and respond in the face of new challenges, in order to remain relevant and competitive?

Businesses are increasingly focused upon the future, and are looking for ways to create an agile and innovation mindset into their people in order to develop and deliver unique and engaging experiences to both employees and customers alike.

One challenge that many businesses face is in nurturing and developing a culture that supports innovation, and promotes engagement with company values and strategic priorities. One key ingredient in achieving this is the fostering of open collaboration, which can unlock the power of your people in solving your business challenges. Cross-collaboration across organisations or industries is now easier given advances in networking and mobile technology and more common.

The ability to offer memorable and engaging customer experiences is critical in today’s market - and disruption from small, agile and digitally oriented entrants is an emerging risk to established business models that are not future focused.

Ikabo Incubator, along with a tailored learning program, can be used to assist business to gain insights, develop ideas, and validate strategies - and provides opportunities to collaborate on common challenges that face multiple industries and sectors where people would not ordinarily be able to come together to solve.

Private sector examples include:

  • Accessing untapped knowledge and experience within your organisation

  • Development of new products and reimagining services and how they are delivered.

  • Collaborating across different teams, business units, industries, and sectors

  • Scaling up the capability of project teams by unifying efforts across diverse locations

  • Supporting an innovation mindset within organisational culture

  • Finding opportunities to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and attain a competitive advantage

Some of the businesses we've worked with: