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Driving business change through innovation and engagement


Ikabo can engage and unite your people around a shared challenge that will deliver on your business imperative.

But how do you get people engaged and involved in the future success of your business?

Successful change requires you to capture the hearts and minds of people. You can achieve this and help organisations prepare for change by connecting people to the purpose behind the change, that is bigger than they are. You capture their hearts by communicating the ‘why’ behind the change, and this higher purpose to which it relates. People have a chance to then get involved and be part of the solution. Organisations need to involve people to do more than just their jobs in order to find innovative solutions to ensure the ongoing success of the company. 

In order to adapt and seize new opportunities, organisations need to become more creative and innovative. They will need to find new effective ways of working, knowledge sharing, collaborating and problem solving. It will require a creative mindset at all levels of the organisation and customer-first thinking.

Ikabo Incubator demands initiative and ideas from your people. It engages people and empowers them to find new ways to improve and change your business. It creates an open, transparent and flexible way to allow ideas to flourish and we provide training to ensure you focus on the right challenges and are set up for success so your culture of innovation is sustainable and change becomes a way of life.

Transparency is critical in this digital age, organisations are being held more accountable and organisations need to be more responsive. Challenges posed by the business openly communicate the direction of the company, and solutions signal the changing role organisations need people to play to ensure its future success.