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Why you should harness your people’s collective brain power


Ikabo engages and unifies your people and their diverse thinking to solve issues that really matter.

We all know two minds are better than one, well aren’t many minds even better?

The answer is yes, but why? And how does this drive employee engagement?

Organisations are facing increasingly complex challenges due to unprecedented levels of change and uncertainty. This requires a different type of leadership style, an open and experimental one that identifies new opportunities for innovation, creativity and new business models.

Leaders need to know when to listen to themselves and when to look to the wisdom of the crowd by opening up discussions and inviting diverse thinking and  expert knowledge to help validate and strengthen ideas.

Ikabo Incubator helps embed a systematic way of creative problem solving that unifies people around a key strategic challenge and taps into an organisation’s collective intelligence. Our staged and structured approach to creative problem solving, has been pressure tested against best-in-class, including Osborn-Parnes CPS model and IDEO’s Design Thinking process. By facilitating real-time knowledge sharing and collaboration on a grand scale, it enables and empowers people to contribute their expertise outside of their everyday role, tapping into people’s tacit and dispersed knowledge.
Through participation and connecting people to a relevant purpose, you will drive engagement.