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What it means to enable business agility and responsiveness


Ikabo helps create and sustain an innovative culture that is built around agility and responsiveness.

We all know organisations need to stay nimble and act with speed, but how can you support agility?

For many organisations, especially large ones, it’s very difficult to become agile. They may have legacy, heavily entrenched silos and have become successful typically in the classic way of top-down management, processes, structure. These organisations don't take advantage of their scale, they don't take any risk, and people are constantly reinventing the wheel. But agility requires both stability and dynamic capability.

Organisations can do this more easily by putting an experimental process in place, that enables people to create and collaborate on new ideas in new ways, without fear of failure. Leaders in these cases need to ensure they understand the mindset, behaviours and climate required to ensure the programme is set up for success.

Ikabo Incubator is one such way. It facilitates an organisation-wide response to a challenge in just 12 weeks through a staged and structured process, generating a ranked order of weighted ideas you can action. Ikabo also offers hands-on training and support so your team builds capacity to know what it takes to deliver a successful programme and embed a culture of innovation.

And because it’s an engaging, open and transparent experience, people are already on board, so when it's time to implement the ideas and drive change, it's easier.