Validate your thinking & make smart decisions with Ikabo Incubator

Ikabo Incubator brings ideas, insights and
people together to solve challenges quickly

The six steps of problem-solving

Strategic intent

 William Jenkins

Frame challenge

 Nicole Kaufmann

Collect ideas

 Phyllis Muller


 Louis Lee


 Terry Nelson


Our problem-solving process is validated against global best practice

Respond with speed and purpose

Respond with speed and purpose

Ikabo Incubator puts the spotlight on your vision to create an innovative culture that is built around agility and responsiveness. This agility enables your business to respond to competitive threats and customer needs - fast. It is an engaging, open and transparent experience that will ensure everyone is already on board with what lies ahead.

Combine strategic thinking and culture to create agile ideas and teams that are ready to act.

Tap into the wisdom of the crowd

Give people a voice and engage them in solving complex problems. Ikabo Incubator draws creative solutions from the crowd through knowledge sharing and real-time collaboration. Once the ideas are in they are validated and strengthened by experts.

It's all about uniting people and their diverse thinking to solve issues that really matter.

Build the capability to drive change

Engage and inspire people to get behind key challenges that enable positive change. Ikabo Incubator prepares your organisation to become change-ready by making the focus and purpose of the challenge clear. It provides a chance for your people to get involved in the process and be part of the solution.

Ikabo Incubator isn't just about technology. It also comes with training and support to ensure you are set up for success and change becomes a way of life.

Incubator feels intuitive

With a simple flow, engaging design & help on tap

  • A staged and structured process
  • Monitor and respond to engagement with simple analytics and insights
  • Simple and easy to use with quick set up
  • Deliver concepts that are ready to action, watching them come together in real time

It's smart, secure & integrates

Ikabo Incubator is a smart, simple and secure plug and play piece of SaaS technology that delivers new ideas and a long lasting culture of change.

We will also be there every step of the way as you introduce Ikabo Incubator to your business, offering training and workshops to support you in making your programme a complete success.


Uncover hidden insights


We are only ever aware of the problems close to us


Ikabo Incubator allows you to shine a spotlight on any or all parts of your business - especially those that are closer to your customers.

By posing specific challenges it can reveal hidden opportunities and help you make smarter decisions.