Ikabo is changing the game in Innovation

Helen Simpson who is Head of Innovation at Ikabo has been featured as a ‘Game Changer’ for the work we are doing at Ikabo by the popular global BPI network (Business performance Innovation).

Helen says ‘What the Ikabo team have achieved in a relatively short time is nothing less that incredible, the product platform is on par with the large players, and the team retain a customer centric obsession around new feature development and ways of growing the business. Our customers and partners collaborate and co create with us and its a win-win for all concerned.’ 

Ikabo was recently recognised by Consensus Innovation and given an Award for innovation software earlier this year.

The network approached Helen a few months ago as the innovation sector is under a lot of attention and focus at the moment, and wanted to know how a vendor such as Ikabo was responding. 

“There are really exciting times ahead for Ikabo as we map out the next 12 months of releases and collaborate with our customers to ensure Ikabo develops relevant new features and new functionality around how ideas can be further developed into programmes of work inside organisations e.g. hackathons” 

To read the full featured story, go to http://bpinetwork.org/game-changers/insights/55