Future fit students with UTS

At Ikabo we are passionate about the future of work and ensuring students fulfil their potential and that they are future fit. We were delighted to be involved with the UTS faculty of Transdisciplinary Innovation where they held a student workshop called ‘Envisioning Futures’, which explored the role of creativity in shaping the future etc. Ikabo had the opportunity to join in this workshop with the students sharing real world examples of what cutting edge organisations are doing to prepare for their future.

The short video below was made at this event and was screened for the opening of UTS's Big Thinking forum: the future of work is now, where a prestige panel of experts tackled the big questions of how to navigate the impact of technological changes at work.  

One of the areas of discussion was around what new skills will be required for this future? What role do universities, TAFE, schools, policy makers and business play in ensuring that Australia’s workforce is ready and able to underpin a globally competitive economy?

The panel included:

Ikabo look forward to future opportunities to partner with UTS and other universities to promote innovation and help bridge the gap with industry.