Using creativity to shake up the status quo


Paulina shares her experiences shaking up the status quo and using her creative skills to question “the way we do things round here.”  

Paulina recounts her experiences at Pernod Ricard establishing the very successful Th!nk Creative Leadership Lab.  The program was sponsored by their CEO but it was sparked and sustained by the people that went through the program.

Paulina explains how creativity is such an important part of innovation and once ignited unlocks peoples’ potential.

Her first book, Creativity+, to be published in May 2018 reflects this philosophy of embracing creative thinking in our everyday lives to seize opportunities where others see obstacles.

Paulina is a leading creativity consultant and trainer. She has a Master of Science in Creativity and Change Leadership from Buffalo State University and is a graduate of THNK Creative Leadership School in Amsterdam.

Paulina's full 8 minute talk can be viewed below: