Growing leaders of the future


Presenters - Cindy Lenferna de la Motte - Managing Director of Ikabo and Melanie Farmer  Associate Director,Research Engagement, Development and Innovation - University of Western Sydney

It is imperative that governments, businesses, academic institutions and individuals consider how to proactively shape a new, positive future of work—one that we want rather than one created through inertia. In our view it all starts with considering our leaders of tomorrow - are we preparing them to face the volatile and changing future sufficiently in order to drive prosperity and purpose?  We need to look globally at how others are doing it and learn from the best rather than starting from scratch.

The 3 questions we consider in the video

  • How is the Education sector evolving to meet this challenge?
  • What will it take to thrive in a VUCA world?
  • Which top 3 skills should we be nurturing now?

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