Unlocking young talent - Our Ikabo interns

At Ikabo we are passionate about unlocking people’s potential and this extends to our commitment to youth and ensuring they are future fit. Last month we opened vacancies for 3 interns to join our tribe, and we were just blown away at the amazing diversity of talent that was out there looking for meaningful work experience.

We are delighted to be working with some amazing young talent @annaliese, @sandy and @diana, they bring fresh thinking and perspectives to our world and we in turn provide real world experience and coaching so that they can apply their learning and find new ways to add value and inspire others. #lightthefire.

Here’s what our mob is saying so far - we look forward to checking in with them in a few months for an update.

I was really looking for an internship that would let me grow my skills in Organisational Psychology (OrgPsych) in a rather outside-the-box kind of way. I’m motivated by working with a team that’s forward thinking and not afraid to push the boundaries with new ways to improve mundane or out-dated processes. Ikabo’s modern approach to helping companies embrace change is exciting and something that I want to be a part of! 

 - Annaliese McGavin

I fell in love with Ikabo's “why” and immediately wanted to be a part of it. I wanted to learn from the amazing founders and staff, to be a part of their vision in transforming the world of work and making it more meaningful for every single employee regardless of their job title, location or culture.

 - Sandy Bhalla

What won me over was the people-centric nature of the work that the company does. Ikabo is focused on ‘empowering people’ through their technology, and as a typical psychology student who wants to help people, I was eager to learn how Ikabo achieves this.  

 - Diana Chen