Ikabo To Collaborate With ‘Innovation Nation’ Initiative

On March 14, Paul Hawkins from Crazy Might Work launched his Innovation Nation initiative, inviting corporate businesses, startups and educational institutions from around Australia to contribute to the country’s innovation agenda.

Together, these organisations will build a prototype to improve the innovation agenda in Australia and provide better outcomes for the trans-tasman industry.

The Innovation Nation initiative will be led by CEOs like David Thodey (former CEO of Telstra and current chair of the CSIRO), and has strong support from AMP, the Business Council of Australia, and top ASIC 100 groups.

The prototype will be presented at AMP’s June 2017 Amplify event, over a full day on June 8th and half a day on June 9th . This year, AMP Amplify will explore the ‘edge of the possible’ with more than 40 of the world’s greatest innovation influencers speaking on tech, thought leadership and the future of business.

Ikabo is extremely honoured to have been chosen to partner on this initiative, and will help scale-up the project by providing a platform to ensure all ideas and insights are heard across Australia.

Ikabo Incubator is a transformational innovation platform that uses crowdsourcing technology combined with a staged and structured approach to create actionable breakthrough innovation, while fostering collaboration and driving engagement.

The Ikabo team is looking forward to the participants getting their hands on our product and giving us their feedback.