How To Unleash Your Company’s Hidden Creative Potential

One of society’s biggest misconceptions about creativity is that being a creative person means writing a bestselling novel or painting a masterful work of art.

But you don’t need Picasso’s technique to solve creative problems; in fact, you probably do it every day.

For businesses, innovation starts when you empower your staff members to be inquisitive and open-minded and to treat problems as portals to new ideas.

Here are some strategies for unleashing your organisation’s creative potential…

Tap into your company’s biggest asset: the employees

No matter what industry you operate in, it’s likely that your employees embrace creative thinking without knowing it.

It’s important to treat your staff members as individuals with unique perspectives and voices, so creating a culture that fosters creative contributions should be your first step to recognising creative talent.

This could include rolling out an innovation program that encourages curiosity, transparency, and experimentation, or investing in education, training, and resources to nurture this spirit.

Fight the myth that creativity is a gift you’re born with

At Ikabo, when we’ve run our innovation training program with a client team, we’ve had participants tell us that they don’t believe they’re creative people.

However, when they describe the way they’ve responded to an everyday problem, it’s clear that they’ve used the left and right sides of their brains to come up with a solution that’s creative at its heart.

By recognising and rewarding everyday creativity in your staff members, you can unblock them — a move that will help you build a company with a truly innovative mindset.

Frame problems as creative challenges

Creative people don’t subscribe to black-and-white thinking; they see problems from different angles, are open to novelty and ambiguity, and question everything they see.

Unfortunately, this perspective is often discouraged at work, meaning that the creative potential of employees can be snuffed out.

By encouraging your staff to frame problems as creative challenges and exploring different avenues before arriving at a solution, you’ll help your staff adopt the killer behaviours that turn obstacles into opportunities.

How are you encouraging your staff to embrace everyday creativity?