Declining productivity and growth - is a culture of engagement the answer?

Why don’t more leaders consider engaging and developing their staff as a sure fire way to create efficiencies, drive innovation and improve customer experience?

Many companies know employee engagement is important, but don’t think it’s a problem so they don't focus on it. 

The latest data from Gallup states only 15% of employees worldwide are engaged. This is a pretty disappointing figure.

We don’t believe there is an easier way to achieve employee engagement than through online innovation platforms like Ikabo, that crowdsource ideas.

If you are not familiar with crowd sourcing you are not alone. Interestingly crowdsourcing or contests in innovation has been around for a very long time just not online. 

You may know the story of a contest that was set in 1714, by an act of Parliament of Great Britain, to find a simple and practical method to determine longitude whilst at sea. It was solved by a little known English carpenter and clockmaker called John Harrison. After many attempts and many years, he won the price and saved many lives as a result of his efforts. 

Other examples including crowd funding to raise much needed money for start ups, and companies crowdsource people and services in a marketplace. Think Kickstarter, Airtasker, 99designs and freelancer.

Using a simple crowdsourcing platform like a Ikabo, gives your employees a voice, a digital means to collaborate and co-create no matter where they are located or what level they hold. 

It’s also a simple way to align people around your companies purpose, and help people see how their work might impact this.  

Research says if people believe or feel that their work matters, it drives engagement. 

Our customers are using Ikabo to create a culture of engagement, please contact us to find out how. 

Ikabo, engaging people.