Learnings from a 12 month old startup

Ikabo celebrated its first year anniversary, in ‘start up’ world that is quite a feat. Reflecting on our first 12 months, we wanted to highlight and share some of things that have made the biggest impact and which might be helpful to you.

  1. Ikabo is an ‘intrapreneur’ startup. which means we are financially backed by our mother company Squiz. … we are very fortunate to have this, and recognise many other start ups don’t have this. It has allowed us to scale quickly but also brought it’s own challenges.
  2. We validated our hypothesis with clients from the get go - ensuring we were solving a real market need and continue to refine our proposition regularly.
  3. We have a highly engaged, skilled, empowered and collaborative team, with a clear shared understanding of our purpose, aligned values, we are agile and make quality and the customer experience our north star and finally we foster a climate where we openly and honestly challenge, communicate and support each other.
  4. We applied our previous experience and every lean start up, growth hacking, business, brand and product development principle we could think of… 24/7.
  5. However, I think what has surprised and delighted us is how important, supportive and helpful our network of partners has been. We have spoken about the importance of partners before in an organisation’s quest to drive innovation – and its no different here. It started with one, but we now have a dozen. Start from a place of generosity – ensure its two way, give back and ask how can we help you?

    We hadn’t realized at the outset how important this network of partners was going to be for us, and it’s been an insightful journey as we continue to explore and test ideas with each other. Our partners come from all walks of life - some from agencies, companies, some freelancers and some change makers within Government, Education and Corporates, but we all share one thing in common: a growth mindset.  We believe that we will learn and be inspired by each other. They have become our lifeblood.
  6. Take a leap of faith – we networked hard to find our tribe. We seized every opportunity and made the most of it.

Thank you to each and everyone one of you that has helped us along our journey so far.

Ikabo is an Australian company that has created an online decision making tool for leaders who need to drive business change through engaging and unlocking people’s potential. www.ikabo.com