Kim Chandler Mcdonald shares her inspiring innovation insights

Kim Chandler Mcdonald - Author, Co-Founder and CEO of KimMic International and FlatWorld Integration

Kim Chandler Mcdonald is a high tech entrepreneur and globally acclaimed author, she shares her insights around the core truths of innovation as well as introducing us to 3 of her favourite innovators that she personally interviewed for her book.  A simple story which has inspiration for everyone, no matter where you are on your innovation journey.


Paulina Larocca talks about the importance of play and creativity

Paulina Larocca - Creativity Specialist and Author - August 2017

Paulina Larocca is an award winning creativity and innovation consultant with over 20 years’ experience delivering innovation for multi-national corporations. She is a keynote speaker on innovation, creativity and culture. She is the author of the book, Creativity+: The Innovator’s Toolkit.

Paulina talks about the importance of play, the interdependence between creativity and innovation and finishes by sharing how creativity helps to build resilience to change.


Jacinta Hargan shares how Transport for NSW uses technology to deliver better customer outcomes


Jacinta Hargan - Director for the Future Transport Technology Program at Transport for NSW (TfNSW) - August 2017

Jacinta discusses how her team manages the responsibility of delivering the transport technology roadmap and the program that will place TfNSW at the forefront of using technology to deliver better customer outcomes. 

A core aspect of this program is a cultural change program to support the organisation to move towards using more innovative techniques including human centred design, agile delivery methods and encouraging greater collaboration with external organisations and across the transport cluster.


Kathy Grgic speaks on creating capacity for innovation and change


Kathy Grgic - Academic Registrar - Griffith University - August 2017

A fascinating insight into the cultural change journey that Kathy and her team are on in partnership with Ikabo. 

Kathy explores how little University structures, hierarchy and governance have changed and the struggle they are facing to adapt to the new expectations of students.

This is an authentic conversation that reveals the personal passion, struggle and persistence that transformation takes in large organisations.


How Modern Government Departments are innovating and adapting

How Modern Government Departments are innovating and adapting

It’s a common misconception that innovation is the territory of young, agile companies. More traditional organisations are adapting by introducing unique strategies to promote an innovative culture and disrupt the traditional ways they’ve done work. In fact, government departments in Australia like Transport for NSW, the Department of Primary Industries and the Department of Defence have been leading the way in this rebellion against bureaucracy, seeking new solutions to challenges that their industries face.

How To Unleash Your Company’s Hidden Creative Potential

How To Unleash Your Company’s Hidden Creative Potential

One of society’s biggest misconceptions about creativity is that being a creative person means writing a bestselling novel or painting a masterful work of art.

But you don’t need Picasso’s technique to solve creative problems; in fact, you probably do it every day.

For businesses, innovation starts when you empower your staff members to be inquisitive and open-minded and to treat problems as portals to new ideas.

Here are some strategies for unleashing your organisation’s creative potential…

Ikabo To Collaborate With ‘Innovation Nation’ Initiative

Ikabo To Collaborate With ‘Innovation Nation’ Initiative

On March 14, Paul Hawkins from Crazy Might Work launched his Innovation Nation initiative, inviting corporate businesses, startups and educational institutions from around Australia to contribute to the country’s innovation agenda.

Together, these organisations will build a prototype to improve the innovation agenda in Australia and provide better outcomes for the trans-tasman industry.

The Innovation Nation initiative will be led by CEOs like David Thodey (former CEO of Telstra and current chair of the CSIRO), and has strong support from AMP, the Business Council of Australia, and top ASIC 100 groups.

"Eftpos taps culture-of-innovation-as-a-service"

"Eftpos taps culture-of-innovation-as-a-service"

We are very proud to have our work with Eftpos featured in an article for

Our tool "gave our staff permission to innovate,” said Leanne Collier, head of services at eftpos Australia. 

“We needed to create an engaging, interactive, and high quality digital sales kit, for use with our members to educate and convince them to become advocates for mobile payments and that eftpos not only had the right technical solution but that we also had the capability and expertise to deliver,” explains Collier.

5 Important Steps To Better Decision-Making

5 Important Steps To Better Decision-Making

Inspired to create change? Ikabo Incubator provides you with the support you need to make faster, smarter decisions.

As business leaders face an era of unprecedented change, the decision-making process can seem daunting. But good leaders are skilled problem-solvers, and developing strategies to ensure effective decision-making can maximise organisational success.

So where to begin? These simple steps are a great place to start…

New Squiz subsidiary, Ikabo, taps into the collective wisdom of employees to solve and improve real organisational challenges

New Squiz subsidiary, Ikabo, taps into the collective wisdom of employees to solve and improve real organisational challenges has officially launched to market globally today as a subsidiary of Squiz, the digital transformation company. Following a growing market demand, Ikabo (formally known as Roadmap) will support organisations throughout their business transformation journey by providing a platform and structured approach empowering employees and customer to have a voice to solve strategic issues.

How crowd-sourcing innovation tools can enhance the employee experience

How crowd-sourcing innovation tools can enhance the employee experience

A strong employee experience makes people want to be at work and ultimately, drives productivity. The most adaptive organisations are constantly looking for new ways to deliver an amazing experience to their people.  Crowd sourcing innovation tools have risen in popularity over the last decade or so, with an increasing number of players operating in this space. Here’s a quick primer.