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Our background

Ikabo’s vision is “a world where technology empowers all people”.
We believe positive and successful change, especially driven by technology, doesn't have to come at the expense of people. Given the right opportunity and care, people have the capacity to create and find new ways to solve their organisation’s challenges and contribute to its ongoing success.

Ikabo was formed in Australia in September 2016 from a team within Squiz. Our challenge was to reimagine an internal tech product, known as ‘Squiz Roadmap’, into a commercial one. Everyone felt it had tremendous potential. With a new creative problem-solving framework, experimentation, iteration, client feedback and collaboration, it was transformed into Ikabo Incubator. 

What makes Ikabo different is our background in business transformation. We have expertise in business models, strategic planning, digital strategy, innovation, organisational psychology, technical architecture and development. We take an evidenced-based approach to our product development and commercialisation process.

Our ‘intrapreneurial’ journey focused us on helping leaders find new, faster and more effective ways to make better decisions. We also want to enable leaders to validate their decisions by harnessing technology and tapping into the collective brainpower of their organisation.

The early client results were astounding - we were able to quickly demonstrate high engagement and uncover meaningful insights about idea contribution. Our biggest observation was seeing a shift in our client's mindset and approach to problem solving. When people started using Ikabo Incubator there was a real “ah-ha” moment in coming together to focus on  a shared challenge. They revealed the collaborative and problem-solving capability within their organisation and could clearly see early signs of a positive cultural shift.

We know you don’t capture the hearts and minds of people just by plugging in a new piece of software. This is why we also created a hands-on training programme that helps build creative confidence and capability to get the most out of Ikabo Incubator.  The results speak for themselves; happy clients that provide references, are willing to share their experience and are using Ikabo incubator in ways we never imagined.
Through the staged and structured process, organisations also become ‘change-ready’. People got to understand what was important to their leadership team and had a chance to contribute their ideas on how to solve or improve on the most pressing challenges. A game-changing dynamic was created and for many, they are just starting their journey.
We understand that organisations are working in times of unprecedented change and uncertainty. Being able to respond quickly company-wide to emerging issues has proved invaluable. Our simple design means that you are up and running in days and users need no assistance to contribute their ideas. By tapping into the vast and diverse knowledge of your organisation and collaborating with experts outside of their everyday role you will produce robust and diverse solutions that are simple and repeatable. 
Ikabo is part of the Squiz group - a privately-owned technology business that was established in Australia in 1998 - they are now a global organisation with over 14 offices.