We have a real passion for technology that empowers people.


What makes Ikabo different is our background in business and digital transformation. Our team has a wealth of expertise in business models, strategic planning, digital strategy, innovation, organisational psychology, technical architecture and development. 
We tailor our approach and training to match the maturity of your organisation. 


Why choose us?

Our mix of technology and services means we can help organisations realise their potential at scale. 

  • Results in just 30 days, we’re game if you are!
  • In-house training and support on your first project
  • Low-risk, high-impact solution
  • Psychology built into the process to ensure everyone stays engaged
  • Built-in algorithm delivers ready-to-implement ideas 
  • We don't do everything - we are an engagement and ideation platform that delivers actionable insights
  • We focus our efforts on six key use cases that we know most businesses need help with

Our name, Ikabo

It's a riff on the Zulu word 'icebo', that speaks to ideas with purpose.

We pronounce it [ eee-kaa-bow ]

Our (tribe) values

At Ikabo we think of our customers, partners and fans as part of our tribe. We will often call it our ‘eco-system’, we are stronger, smarter and more nimble because of this.

Listen hard, talk straight

No one's got time to listen to convoluted explanations and nor have we.
We promise to ask good questions and give clear advice

We act like your business is our business

We promise to think and act as if your business were our own.
We will start to say ‘we’ instead of ‘you’ pretty quickly.

Better together

Like the African proverb, we know together we can go further.
We value diversity of thinking because we know the outcome is always better for it.

Our tribe is better with you in it, come talk to us today!

What everyone is saying

The combination of experience, best-practice methodologies and collaborative approach delivered beyond what we’d anticipated and the outcomes will play a major part in the improvement of our customers’ digital experience.
— Dr Benjamin Grindlay, Director, Marketing and Communications, University of Adelaide
The Ikabo platform and approach was a key initiative of our departmental Innovation Strategy. We exceeded our target for participation in the ‘Ideas Incubator’ and will work with Ikabo to continue to refine the platform and the process for future Incubator rounds.
— Kim Ulrick, Assistant Secretary, Digital Communications Department of Communications and the Arts
Ikabo Incubator presents an exciting opportunity to engage and communicate with staff, giving them permission to share and collaborate, drawing on their deep knowledge and experience, making it easy - proving that anyone can provide ideas to innovate.
— Austin Whitehead, Director, Innovation & Productivity, NSW Department of Industry
Ikabo Incubator challenged the department’s existing culture of moving straight into solution mode without first fully understanding and collaborating on the issue
— Janelle Neath, Director, Corporate Communications, NSW Department of Industry
Instrumental in helping our brand team zero-in on the purpose of the web redesign and come to a clear alignment on our goals. This process allowed us to make design decisions that synced with our strategy and accomplish our organisation’s objectives.
— Karon Lekeu, Digital Communications & Research Manager, Western Sydney University, The College
Ikabo have been able to quickly construct a structured approach to the sales process, so that the quality of the end deliverable is a clear value-based discussion and imagery to use with our Members and their customers.
— Marie Kellet, Chief Product Officer, eftpos Australia
A brilliant product which checks and validates strategic direction faster and more accurately than anything else on the market... A tool that no Chief Executive should be without.
— Christopher M Colfer - Chairman | CEO | NED | Investor
The thorough research, audit, and stakeholder engagement undertaken by the team was essential in helping us build a future path for Neighbourhood Watch to ensure the longevity of the program.
— Dan Schmidt, South Australia Police, Neighbourhood Watch
The thinking and smarts behind the way the product is designed, inherently changes the way we think and approach problem solving.
We consistently met or exceeded our staff engagement targets at every stage of the Incubator. Ikabo Incubator was also easy to use and very intuitive - staff were able to easily navigate the platform.